Second Amendment Right:

There is no constitutional right that will be subject to interpretation to fit narrative, bias or motive. I adamantly defend our constitutional rights including the right to bear arms.

I will not vote for any policy or bill that threatens any constitutional right. I will not support legislation or policy that requires invasion of privacy of law-abiding citizens.

I will support policies that hold criminals individually accountable for actions with emphasis on violent or gun related crimes.

As a mother, the thought of violence against children outside and within our schools is a worst nightmare scenario of mine, as well any other mother. As a provider I feel a more proactive way to address and prevent violence in our school system is to promote rapid and early identification of mental illness or instability, and identify students experiencing situations or actions that could promote feelings associated potential gun violence such as physical or emotional abuse, socioeconomic hardship, harassment and bullying. I would propose an aggressive intervention strategy within our schools and access to professional mental health services by psychiatric professionals that are contracted with school districts to reduce barriers and eliminate delays in assessment and treatment of at-risk youth.


Sarena Sloot has been honored to have Washington lives entrusted to her care for over 15 years. She considers advocation for others to be her calling. The roll of Congress is akin to advocacy by design. Representation is the voice of the constituents and guard of civil rights and freedom.


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