Healthcare in Washington State - Sarena Sloot


Citizens are now incurring the burden of up to 40% of their personal healthcare costs as compared to an average estimate of 5% in 2000. This results in avoidance or delay of care and abandonment of established treatments which ultimately results in devastation and potential loss of health status and life to our citizens. Additionally, this results in an ongoing rise in healthcare delivery costs given prevention and early treatment of disease are often proven less costly than treatments provided in later stages of disease or chronic health conditions.

The reasons for this rise in cost to consumers are multifactorial. Rising costs of prescription drugs, insurance premiums for both private and employer sponsored programs, high deductibles, reduced prevention focus, and growing regulatory compliance costs are obstacles we must address with policy reform.

I support limitation of federal governmental regulation burdens on health care systems in conjunction with calling for increased financial transparency of health systems to patients.

I will support drug price transparency and reduced drug pricing to the consumer.

I will propose and support tiered private payor insurance that reduces premium cost for consumers participating in health promotion and preventative care.

I will propose and support increasing healthcare access to small business owners and their employees utilizing direct pay models for preventative care and acute/chronic minor illness services.

I would propose permanent removal of payment restriction on healthcare delivery technologies to improve access of care to rural communities without incurring extra brick and mortar cost via telemedicine and telehealth utilization.

Healthcare choice is an area that we must address. We cannot allow federal or state government to dictate personal choice regarding healthcare delivery or treatment plan. Healthcare must continue with risk benefit discussion of any and all available evidence and tailored to the personal values and beliefs of the patient rather than state or federal beliefs. This is a personal and private discussion between patient and provider. This is not a new concept and is constitutionally protected. I will not support any bill or policy that contains overreach of federal or state government that mandates any form of treatment preventative or curative.

Citizens depend on health care providers to guide them with accurate, relevant, non-bias data/evidence in order to make informed decisions regarding health choices. The wake of our pandemic has brought to light very concerning issues regarding censorship of health data/evidence that does not fit a narrative or political motivation. Under no circumstances can data used for a personal healthcare decision making be made subject to censorship. Doing so violates first amendment right and is appalling to consider the idea of state and federal government promoting the limiting of information to our citizens needed to weigh all perspectives and options.

While it’s reasonable to comprehend that when faced with a new health threat we will continually gather new and evolving data which may change or contradict previous models or predictions, we have a responsibility to present all gathered evidence and data to the public and respond with appropriate adjustments to public health plans and economic policy. I would propose both state and federal health agencies, as well as leadership within states and jurisdictions, transparently disclose all data sources in timely fashion, and present available evidence used in statistical modeling plans for any public health concern in readily accessible public format. This is essential for immediate and critical review by both citizens and health care providers responsible for prevention and treatment of disease.


Sarena Sloot has been honored to have Washington lives entrusted to her care for over 15 years. She considers advocation for others to be her calling. The roll of Congress is akin to advocacy by design. Representation is the voice of the constituents and guard of civil rights and freedom.


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