Borders / Infrastructure

The role of federal government is to protect the rights and livelihood of its citizens at all cost. Considering the current evolving pandemic and possible future biologic attack, in addition to traditional warfare, now more than ever the strength of our borders and critical infrastructure is a matter of survival and prosperity. As we have quickly learned, the ability to control access to and from our state and nation is crucial to public safety and economy. Strong borders are our first line of defense. They must remain intact with a tensile strength that can withstand any insult. We cannot equate this stance to one that unjustly denies entry of those whom desire the freedoms and liberties America affords its citizens. This is no longer a reality given the devastation of the COVID 19 pandemic and the years of rebuilding that will follow. Secure borders ensure freedom and liberty can continue amongt a growing list of threats both physical as well as biological.

This strong stance however, does not preclude the ideal that we can work to simultaneous reform legal immigration processes and create an economically intelligent and humane plan for our current immigrant and migrant population.


Sarena Sloot has been honored to have Washington lives entrusted to her care for over 15 years. She considers advocation for others to be her calling. The roll of Congress is akin to advocacy by design. Representation is the voice of the constituents and guard of civil rights and freedom.


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